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Homeschool Room is a Little Cleaner

I have to celebrate. It is a little progress. I have to show you reality, though, which is that all of the cleaning takes time. All of the sorting, putting away, decluttering, organizing, and decisions about what I need where, take time.

I could just show a clean room after I am completely done and ready for the new academic year to begin, but I wanted to show that this takes time. It can be done on a day if one is more amazing than I. For me, it takes a few weeks to a few months.

I am still working on diacarding old work and old binders. I have been creating new binders. I moved books out of and into storage. The pink crates are for moving and hauling.
I have improved upon the stash on the table in the middle. It is coming along! The cupboards have been opened and closed much to put things away.
This side looks good but I still need to work on the back left corner books.
Homeschool Supply Shopping Haul

Back to Homeschool Shopping Supplies Haul 2020

We use a whole lot of pens!

It’s back to homeschool supplies shopping time. Here is my 2020 haul!

Used binders from Deseret Industries. Our binders get beat up every year!
Watercolors, gluesticks and crayons are things we use up well for creativity, learning, and fun!
Jr. High and High School Homeschoolers need graph paper for graphing!
I bought these pink crates which are stackable so that I can store worksheets in them.
Expo Markers for the white boards are essential for instruction, fun, and Chore do-lists. We use these like crazy. Sharpie Markers are used for writing on poster boards and bags donated to charity–let’s be honest. The tacky stuff on the right is going to hang learning posters and papers I write checklists or goals on. I love penciltop erasers. I bought 24 of them. My husband helps by checking math and spelling with Dixon Ticonderoga red pencils. I always buy Washable Crayola markers. My daughter uses colored pencils lots.
Construction paper, colored printer paper, lined filler paper, 3×5″ notecards, and spiral notebooks are all things we use much of. I bought a large calendar for the wall this year.

I also recommend things I did not buy because I have them already: rubber bands, brads, safety pins, rulers, sketch pads, dixon ticonderoga 144 pack of pencils, composition books for writing, a computer, a printer, printer paper, ink for printer, scissors, gluesticks, calculators, paper clips, laminator, plastic sleeves for binders, pencil cases, compass, protractor…